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Low white blood cell count?

Selenium in mushrooms helps white blood cells fight infection
Recently a blood test at the doctors showed that my white blood cell count is low. The reading was 3.4 and it is suggested it should be in the 3.6 to 11 range so not very low. The Eosinophil count was also 0.05 when ’normal’ is 0.1 to 0.4. Eosinophils are a type of white blood cell produced in the bone marrow that makes up about 5 percent of the total number of white blood cells. Amazingly we make 50 billion new white blood cells every day and double that if we have an infection.

My low white blood cell count raised some concerns with a doctor; their argument was that I need to improve those readings before I undergo radiotherapy. I was concerned….at least I was until a friend in our local Wigwam support group pointed me to a couple of videos at Nutrition Facts (i). 

I know that a high white blood cell count is a sign of systemic inflammation, but hadn’t appreciated that that those with lower white blood cell counts live longer. Higher white blood cell counts are also associated with greater prostate enlargement, risks of heart attacks, second-hand cigarette smoke, increased risks of dying from cancer and lots more.

Screenshot from film (i)
Interestingly vegan and vegetarian diets lead to lower white blood cell counts (i); my diet until recently had no meat or fish and has only recently introduced a small amount. In the film it was noted that the ’normal’ range for white blood cells is based on the whole population including large numbers of people who are not very healthy. They suggest research shows that normal range should be revised down. In one paper the suggestion was 3.11 to 8.83 (i). In other words I am in the normal range.

However having said all that, my integrative doctor based on a series of other tests, has suggested two possible supplements in addition to diet and all the other actions in my protocol. These are short-term additions to my current supplement protocol based on some of the supplements listed here. I plan to update that list soon, but for now here are the two I have added to my protocol:

1. Modified Citrus Pectin or MCP; Chris Woollams of Canceractive lists this compound as one of his favourite anti-cancer supplements. He writes: "MCP, would appear to have anti-cancer, anti-metastases, strong immune boosting and heavy metal detoxification abilities. It has also been shown to help chemotherapy drugs work better. It also blocks an important inflammatory compound (ii).” MCP is expensive so I am hoping it will have an impact!

2. Lithium Orotate; is used as a natural treatment for a wide range of mental health problems and is different from lithium. People have apparently adapted to getting trace amounts of lithium from food and water, and it seems that getting a bit more might make people more friendly and peaceful. However crucially there is some evidence to show that many enzymes, vitamins, hormones, and growth factors need lithium to work. Lithium promotes the regeneration of cells, and possibly increases telomeres and extends lifespan. Crucially research has indicated that it supports the immune and nervous systems (iii).


I have been attempting daily meditations and/or visualisations for some months (more of that in another blog soon). I have used one that Sophie Trew (iv) gave me last year, which involves visualising the cancer cells gradually disappearing and instead filling my body with white healing light. I still like that one but recently came across David Hamilton’s visualisation for the immune system. 

David was at Trew Fields this year; you’ll be able to see a short clip of him in my film highlights that will be ready in a wee while. He was a wonderful, inspiring speaker that reiterated that "research shows that if we imagine increasing the numbers of particular immune cells or antibodies, we can actually increase these numbers. It has even been trialled in patients undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, where one group of patients, in addition to receiving their treatment as normal, also visualise their immune system destroying cancer cells. These studies show that patients visualising their immune systems working have higher numbers of T-cells and more active killer cells than those not visualising" (v).

To try out David's visualisation on 'Enhancing the Immune System' go to:  http://drdavidhamilton.com/howtovisualise/

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