Sunday, 5 May 2019

The protocol

So this is an overview of my treatment plan. I’ve covered stuff or will cover stuff in more detail in other blogs but this is the overview to date. Do also see why I am currently doing 'Active Surveillance' here despite my NHS doctors recommending radiotherapy and hormone treatment. I can’t hope to cover the detail of all the things I am doing in this blog, but will cover the breadth and hopefully in future blogs will look at each part in more depth. 

My three favourite books that have guided me can be seen here - I’ve read much more but these three are the ones that have helped most with this protocol. I do like the way they explore key aspects like taking control of your health, following intuition, releasing suppressed emotions, managing fear, increasing positive emotions, having strong reasons for living, deepening your spiritual connection and much more.

However this protocol is also based on my own research, talking to others in our Stroud Wigwam, my doctors and others in my ‘health team’. It goes almost without saying that this is ‘my' protocol and I am not suggesting that this will work for others - heck I don’t even know if it will work for me!  But I do know from the research I’ve done and my own current health, that this is doing me good and will be giving me a great shot at my body healing itself.

This protocol started after my diagnosis but has been built on over the last months with for example the supplement regime starting December last year but being fully in action from March this year. I’ve not included the transurethral hyperthermia treatment in November 2017 that was followed by six months of hormones (that will be another blog!). The protocol is also not static; each week I am reviewing aspects and sometimes making changes. I realise how fortunate I am to be in a position to be able to afford to take these actions. It is also worth saying that some of the most healing experiences are not necessarily listed below or have a cost - take for example the wonders of a walk in the woods or a healing conversation with someone. 

Of course I sadly don’t manage to do all of this everyday as work, family and life takes over at times but this is the stuff I aim to do - and most of it does get done. The topics are huge so I can only touch on them here - I imagine that each of them like nutrition or hyperthermia will be at least one blog in the future and I will add them to this post.

So what does a typical day look like? 

Shower; probably goes without saying that we try to use all natural products and have found a filter that takes out chlorine. I haven’t managed to get into dry brushing.

Essential oil mix; for prostate area and have also used certain oils internally.

Squeezed fresh lemon; in warm water about 15 mins before eating.

Exercise; rebounding (small trampoline) 10-15mins probably 5 times a week but also try and get walks in, digging the allotment and doing one cancer exercise class in a gym every Friday. I was doing a weekly yoga and hope I can restart that in summer. I also regularly go through patches when I am good at doing Pelvic Floor exercises. See my initial blog re exercise here but more coming.

Food/nutrition; in short I’m vegan with the exception of oily fish once or possibly twice in a fortnight. I am also gluten free, refined sugar free and avoid most processed goods.

Juices/Smoothies; will try and get one or two of these each day.

Beverages; I try and drink more filtered water as not always good at that but also use Essiac tea, Jason Winters tea, green tea and love my coffees.

Supplements; do see my previous blog on this here - I am now doing most of that plus some extras like a quality CBD product. See more blogs re supplements here.

Infrared sauna; three times a week for about 20 minutes, once a month or every six weeks I will do a hyperthemia treatment.

Baths; very occasional but will use Epsom salts or Magnesium flakes.

Work; I am fortunate to enjoy my work but it has been necessary to slightly reduce hours as I wasn’t managing to do this protocol fully. I also have to note that my work colleagues have ben hugely supportive.

Meditation; this is not at all regular enough. I have found some music particularly helpful.

Other mind stuff; oh my this is a big topic and probably the one that challenges me most and feels the most important. I have had counselling, I value the Wigwam support group and indeed the Prostate Cancer Support Group. 

Sleep; need to get more of this - but worth noting we switch Wi-fi off every night to try and reduce EMF exposure.

My current ‘health team’

Family - I can’t not start this list without mentioning my partner who has been totally amazing on this journey, offering the right amount of challenge and buckets of support - and of course also my family who have helped financially and with emotional support.

Medical team: GP, Oncologist and Nurse

Naturopath and healer every couple of months, 
Doctor who specialises in nutritional and environmental medicine for advice and tests every month or so,
Shiatsu monthly,
Healer occasionally

I guess I’ve probably missed some small parts of the protocol but this gives a good overview.


  1. Hi Philip, do you have a portable FIR sauna? Would be interested to hear more of your experience of using it. I'm local to you and our paths have crossed elsewhere, so if this is OK I'll message you at some point. Thanks, Bonnie

    1. Yes do have one - used for sauna and previously hyperthermia - intending to restart that - yes do message me!


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