Monday, 16 September 2019

Trew Fields Festival - my long film

The amazing Trew Fields Festival Season 3; here is my film attempt to capture some of the wonderfulness. This is the 16 minute version - some have called it the 'Full Trew' - even with this one I had to cut out loads of great stuff. I'm hoping to produce a shorter version of this in the near future. Huge thanks to all who agreed to be in this film and of course extra big thanks to the team at Trew Fields especially Sophie and Will. See their website for more details (Early Bird bookings already available for 2020):

Update 10/09/19: I now have my 3 min film online with highlights of the Festival:

A great blog about some of the key talks at Trew Fields can be found at the Cancer Essential Education website run by Dr Mhairi (“Vari”) Morris. See here: 

Leah Bracknell also has a great write up at: 'Something beginning with C'.
My quote re 2018

This cancer awareness and holistic health festival is a weekend of inspiring talks, workshops, music and play with world-renowned health professionals, researchers, wellbeing experts and those living well with & beyond cancer. It is all set on a beautiful farm where, as the website says, the atmosphere is ‘like walking into a giant hug’.

See my blog and film from 2018:

Update 14/06/20: Fi Munro's talk at Trew Fields last year has just been uploaded here:  
and Rob Verkerk talking Keto here: and Dr Nasha Winters 'Treating the Terrain, Not Just the Tumour' is here:  and lastly Leanne Pero and Saima Thompson talking anbout cultural challenges for ethnic minorities:

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