Monday, 24 February 2020

UK opportunity to grow Intergrative Medicine

Back in October I blogged about news that the European Congress for Integrative Medicine 2020 will be coming to the UK for the first time now in Feb 2021 - see here(i). It includes 'Lifestyle Medicine & Social Prescribing', 'Integrative Oncology', 'Nutrition, Gut Health & the Microbiome', 'Planetary & Environmental Pollutants & Health' and 'Arts and Health.'

Well a video has just come out of Dr Michael Dixon from the College of Medicine talking about the conference, our current healthcare system and the importance of integrative medicine (see below). He calls for a level playing field between conventional and complementary medicine. 

One example he cites is how many patients take many different drugs and that their is virtually no research to show the impact they have on each other. Meanwhile there is no NHS funding for research into complimentary medicine, so he argues it 'is a little bit unfair to suddenly say to complimentary medicine where is the evidence when we are not prepared to finance the evidence we need.'

Dr Dixon is the Clinical Lead for Social Prescription and sees social prescribing as very much a part of intergrative medicine. I agree that this is a significant improvement but see my earlier blog about Social Prescribing and why we need to take very good care about such schemes:

In a WHO research paper last year European countries came low when compared with other countries in terms of integrative medicine and sadder still the UK came lower still in terms of research or support from Government (ii). This conference is clearly a chance to change things.

The conference dates in London are in Feb 2021. You can also see more on their website: 



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