Monday, 17 February 2020

National Prostate Cancer Audit: where does Glos stand?

The National Prostate Cancer Audit collects clinical information about the treatment of all patients newly diagnosed with prostate cancer in England and Wales and information about their outcomes. The aim is to improve the care received by patients with prostate cancer. They do this by making recommendations to prostate cancer services based on their findings.

The reports include patient reported outcomes for both surgery and radiotherapy for prostate cancer. I understand that it is very unusual to see data like this where centres can be directly compared in terms of outcomes across the whole patient population, rather than just in a trial. Well here’s the website with the reports that came out last month:

See the Executive Summary plus infographic at:

You can see Gloucestershire is about average on most of the results:

The figures show numbers of men in various stages of prostate cancer and impact after treatment, for example the proportion of patients who experienced a severe gastrointestinal complication with 2 years of radical radiotherapy is around 10% in Glos.

I wonder how Glos interprets these results and what they might mean for investment. I would be interested to hear more.

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