Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Cancerucan Empowerment Retreat October 2019

I was honoured to join the Cancerucan Empowerment Retreat for the Sunday afternoon. I particularly loved Jem Ayres talk that I posted earlier this week - see my film of her totally inspiring talk here - what a great energy she has! It was also great getting the recipe for a sugar and gluten free vegan cheesecake - see my film here. However perhaps best of all wasto meet the other participants and to learn and share thoughts and more about cancer and healing. Here is my film that captures some of those voices - huge thanks to all who shared...

I particularly wanted to thank Fiona and her team for putting together such a great event. Fiona also started the amazing Cancerucan website - a wonderful place for support that includes the Sunday night Healing Circle mentioned in the film. I'm guessing Fiona will do another retreat in time - and has also organised other events like one looking at Ozone - see my film here and see about the retreats at Back2Health Events: 

It was also lovely to be back at the Penny Brohn Centre; a year ago I blogged mentioning I had been on one of the Penny Brohn courses (see here). Some folk certainly experienced that course as a sort of retreat - a chance to look inwards and feel/think about next steps. You can see more about their courses on their website:

Other useful links might be:

Fiona Shakeela Burns and her healing work: 
Jem Ayres including coaching: 
Yes to Life charity 
Fleur Barnfather and her art:
Melanie Gamble and Together Against Cancer:

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