Saturday, 19 October 2019

The Cancerucan Lime Cheesecake

Here's the Cancerucan Lime Cheesecake recipe by Melanie Gamble. I caught up with her at the Cancerucan Empowerment Retreat last Sunday and made this very quick film - more of the retreat in a film later this week. Melanie was there to run a workshop with food that suits many of us who are on a healing journey and this cheesecake recipe was specially put together for the retreat. I hope it will be the first of more recipes on this blog.

I loved her care and dedication to thinking about food and to creating really special recipes. Some might say this no refined sugar recipe is still too sweet or has too much of the coconut fat but I have already made this one as a special treat - it was delicious! Thank you Melanie!

More recipes from Melanie in her book (coming very soon); 'Healing Deliciously Goes Vegan'. More info about teh Leicester-based Together Against Cancer where Melanie is the Operations Manager

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