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Best websites for cancer support

Ages ago I wrote a blog on the best three books when you are first diagnosed (see here); I could add many great books to that but another key source of info has been the internet. Wow has that been a delight and a challenge. So many sites with so much conflicting information. In this blog I will pick a few of my personal favourites but strongly suggest you also do your own research. Indeed even among my favourites I don’t always agree with what they are saying. 
I’ve also not included a whole range of sites on nutrition, supplements and more as I hope to cover those in future blogs - nor have I covered some excellent newsletters that folks like Fi Munro, David Hamilton and Jem Ayers produce.

I would also welcome any suggestions for other resources; either in comments below or email me.

Key to blog:
1. Sites for info
2. Prostate Cancer specific
3. Prostate Cancer Blogs
4. Facebook groups
(a) Support sites
(b) Prostate Cancer specific
(c) Other specific sites

1. Sites for info

This site by Chris Woollams is a highly usable, well-researched information on cancer, its causes and possible treatments, that aims "to empower readers so that they can make more informed personal choices and thus increase their individual odds of beating the disease”. Chris also has a great overview look at prostate cancer:

Yes to Life 

This charity takes an integrative approach and aims to empower people with cancer to make informed decisions about their care options. They provide evidence-based information to those in need via their helpline, website, blogs, book (mentioned in my book blog here) and the reason they get a mention here - their radio show - see more about that in my video below from Robin Daly:
Chris Wark 
Chris was diagnosed with stage 3c colon cancer in 2003, at 26 years old. After surgery, he opted out of chemotherapy and used nutrition and natural therapies to heal. Since then he has become one of the key voices around cancer, health and healing. His blogs, and many youtube videos of both survivors and health practitioners, are a wonderful resource. Indeed I recommend subscribing free to his YouTube or newsletter:

Beyond Conventional Cancer Therapies
BCCT explores the best of integrative cancer care, which frequently combines conventional and complementary treatments. A useful resource:

2. Prostate Cancer specific

Prostate Cancer UK
This is one of the best websites for conventional treatment and some questions about complimentary approaches. There are also online community pages to ask questions:

Cotswolds Prostate Cancer Support Group
This is a volunteer-led registered charity that is open to being contacted if you need help. It was set up in 2007, by men who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, with the support of the Urology Department of Gloucester and Cheltenham hospitals. It aims to help men come to terms with the challenge of the diagnosis, and be better able to handle the difficult periods when it is often traumatic to talk to people, even those very close to you. They have some very useful videos on their website:

Health Unlocked; Advanced Prostate Cancer
Health Unlocked has a specific prostate cancer online community with over 10,000 posts where folks pick each other's brains. A useful resource to check out medication, approaches and more:

3. Prostate Cancer Blogs 

There are dozens of these but I’ve not found many to recommend. Here are several links I’ve come across;

Prostate Cancer News, Reviews & Views 
This is by Allen Edel, a patient advocate for men with prostate cancer:

Dan’s Journey
Sharing his prostate cancer experience (including surgery) since November 2010:

Feedspot list over 70 bloggers that have registered with them (incl this blog):

Healing and Cancer film: And just to add a useful introductory video explaining prostate cancer and an integrative approach - it is basic and could challenge some of it but still a useful starting point from Radiation Oncologist, Dr Rob Rutledge

4. Facebook groups

These are closed groups and you will need to request the administrator to join them. There are loads of them so this is only a taster of ones that I have found useful at different points in my journey.

(a) Facebook - support sites

This was set up by a wonderful woman, Fiona Shakeela Burns - the site is a 'non-partisan, open-minded space to share all information and experiences regarding, health, wellbeing and healing related to cancer, irrespective of the chosen healing path’. Fiona also organises retreats; see my film with voices from her recent retreat here and the Facebook group at:

CANCERactive Forum
This is linked to the CANCERactive website, for people from all over the world, who want help from others who have experience of similar issues. The hugely knowledgeable Chris Woollams is one of the moderators in this group and will endeavour to reply to cancer and health questions directed his way:

The Cancer Whisperer
This is Sophie Sabbage’s website and is for 'anyone who has read her book and found it supportive...anyone with cancer who wants to engage with and transform their fear, denial, grief, anger and despair...anyone who wants to discover what cancer may be trying to tell them about who they are and could be’. This site is by invitation only:

Healing Cancer Study Support Group 
This was set up by a woman with loads of energy, Abbey Mitchell. In the group there are threads to many different types of cancers (see here) including prostate cancer - you can ask questions and contribution to that support thread. 

(b) Facebook - Prostate Cancer specific

Prostate Cancer UK Support Group 
This is the support group for those with Prostate cancer and their loved ones where questions about treatment and more can be asked/discussed:
There is also a group for women supporters of folk with prostate cancer:

Prostate Cancer Non-Surgical Treatments and Support
This is a controversial site as they note 'We are biased and do not support surgery for prostate cancer...It's not for everyone and that's okay”. However for discussions about stuff otherthan surgery it can be good:

(c) Facebook - Other specific sites

Facebook has groups for pretty well every aspect; some great ones re nutrition and health but I just want to note a couple here.

Cannabis Oil Success Stories
This site was founded in May of 2012 to collect 'success stories from people who've used Cannabis Oil to treat their dis-ease. The group is now a hub of information for people to find answers to their questions regarding all aspects of Cannabis Oil, with a very knowledgeable core of individuals who've provided valuable information to thousands of people around the world':

Jane McLelland
Jane McLelland Off Label Drugs for Cancer
Jane’s 'mission is to raise awareness and ignite a global revolution in cancer care with new emerging drug combinations using off patent drugs. There are about 60 drugs with anti-cancer effects and certain combinations are proving to be extremely powerful'. The site discusses how folks might get started but see first my video of Jane and link to her website here and Facebook at:

Repurposed Drugs for Cancer Treatment 
This is similar to Jane’s site as it is 'intended for sharing the latest available research and first-hand experiences on the use of existing, often times off-patent "repurposed" or "off-label" drugs for the purpose of treating various cancers for humans’. 

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