Thursday, 8 November 2018

Time for a Sacred Pause

You will no doubt have come across human doings versus human beings. Well, like many of us, I am so much in the doing, so many jobs ’that need to be done' that I rarely just sit and be.….although there are times I get closer to the being….sometimes when I dig the allotment or walk in nature I find I’m in the most beautiful space of being. But hey how can there be more of that - particularly in those busy, busy days?

Well recentlyI had a particularly full on week of doing and one evening sat down to answer more emails when in popped one from a work colleague. She had sent a link to a talk by Tara Brach about ‘The Sacred Pause’. I found it very worth the read. In the talk Tara looks at some of the motivations for always 'doing'; it has become a habit, something is wrong or missing - or how by doing we can at least get a sense of controlling the world. All that is me! And perhaps more so at times since the cancer diagnosis? 

Yet when we are lost in a 'trance of busyness', we can lose touch with our heart and connection with others.

So what can we do? 

Well, the talk shows how by intentionally pausing and creating space in our lives, 'we can rediscover the presence and mystery, beauty and love that make life meaningful’. Yes, yes and yes again. I can see how true this is. I know how true this is. So I have started to introduce more ‘sacred pauses' and wow can they be lovely. So readers close your eyes and take a moment.

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  1. The same colleague mentioned above also sent a lovely piece about Threshold Moments...It is not those full moments sometimes but the empty ones that can touch us deeply. The gaps rather than the events that give us a glimpse of great mystery. Read this lovely piece:


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