Monday, 20 July 2020

Fi Munro

Fi; still photo from my Trew Fields film
Fi Munro has passed. As Sophie Trew of Trew Fields Festival said: "Anyone who's been to the fest over the past 3 years will likely have been touched by Fi's magic at some point.” I was. I was touched deeply by her wonderful insights for living and her huge zest and energy for life. As she says on her website: "Choosing to live like you are dying is about embracing the fact that we all have only one life and deciding to make the choice to start truly living for today. 

Fi was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian cancer in 2016 when she was only 30 and has become a best selling author, speaker, yoga teacher, shaman and campaigner for more random acts of kindness. It was Fi a few weeks ago who posted the idea for Random Acts of Kindness Monday but she has done so much more than just that - indeed has been leading a small revolution which has included many random acts of kindness including getting many more folk involved and handing out £20(i). 

In one of her blogs (ii), Fi asks; "What if cancer has a stage five after stage four? What if Stage Five is finding out what you are about. What if Stage Five is about LIVING? Fi certainly walked her talk. Her book, 'How Long Have I Got?’ Is full of her life-giving philosophy (iii) and I have listed it amongst the best books to read about cancerHer inspiring talk, 'Live like you are Dying’ at Trew Fields last year is well worth a watch - it is available at:

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