Saturday, 27 June 2020

Trew Health Community launched with key speakers and support each month

This looks "online space to learn, grow and live a more connected, inspired life beyond a cancer diagnosis."  It is organised and led by Sophie Trew, founder of the incredible Trew Fields Festival - see my film of last years cancer Festival here (i).
She writes that "The Trew Health Community is a monthly membership where you can learn the tools to support your mental, physical and spiritual health, regardless of what stage you’re at. You’ll be held and supported by a kind, like minded community  focusing on health and healing."
Screenshot from Zoom talk with Dr Samm Watts and Sophie Trew
Sophie is launching this after this weeks three taster days where we had talks from Dr Nasha Winters, the mushroom expert Dr Martin Powell and more - see below more details - they are well worth a view (ii). But you have to hurry as membership closes on 30th June. It will then only open to take in new members at the end of September/early October.
Each month Sophie has a theme - starting with July as Mind-Body connection, looking at building a supportive mindset and the power of your mind over your body - and July's masterclass is with David Hamilton (iii) (author of 'How your mind can heal your body'). She plans to organise each week so there will be a piece of content bite sized so it's not overwhelming, but folks can make progress. 

She writes: "My vision is for this to be a global community of those interested in their healing to support, uplift and empower each other"
And it feels like she's the right person for that job. You can join us here:

(ii) You can also see more on their Facebook page with links and passwords to the talks this last week:

 Masterclass with Dr Nasha Winters- Treat the terrain not just the tumour
 Meditation with Naomi - Naylou Holistics
 Breathwork workshop with Nicola Price – Inspirational Breathing
 Chronobiology & Herbal Medicine, ‘How to’ talk with Dr Sam Watts: Mind-Body Medical
 Why all mushrooms are magic, a talk with Martin Powell
(iii) See my clip of David Hamilton at Trew Fields last year:

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