Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Meeting Jan Beute: Hydrogen, Auto-Haemotherapy and PEMF

Well I had a fascinating hour in Bristol yesterday with Jan Beute; you can catch my 3 minute interview below. Among the treatments he uses to support immune systems are Hydrogen and Auto-Haemotherapy (which he mentions in the film) plus Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF). All of these I had read about but not experienced. Jan recommends these treatments every week so I now need to consider if this is a route I want to explore further.

I found Jan to be a man passionate about healing and finding ways to support people with chronic illnesses. I like how he is trying to find cheaper ways to enable the treatments he uses to be more readily available to people. Apparently he ran a workshop last summer for Back2Health at Penny Brohn where he demonstrated how to make inexpensive molecular hydrogen 'shots'. Jan also has had a controversial history of challenging the medical establishment over the best ways to treat patients; in particular his use of DMSO in the past. The medical establishment say there is little or no benefit using this drug while others have seen benefits when used, for example, with chemotherapy drugs (i).

Hydrogen is the mainstay of Jan’s treatments. Molecular hydrogen which has the ability to repair the mitochondria also provides impressive anti-oxidant potential to the body, massively reduces inflammation and allows cellular repair. Jan sees ’the struggle for life is to saturate our bodies with hydrogen’ and that this will then tackle any disease ‘ravaging up to 90% of all your free radicals.’ And there are indeed quite a number of papers indicating hydrogen’s promising impact on cancer (ii); suppressing cancer cell growth, inducing cancer cell apoptosis (but not normal cell apoptosis), preventing genetic mutations and protecting healthy cells from anticancer drugs.

The second treatment was Auto-Haemotherapy (stem cells), used since 1912, which involves taking about 20cl of blood and then injecting it back into the patient’s muscle tissue a short time after. The muscle could be buttocks or even facial muscles. I understand that the body sees the incoming blood as a substance that needs to be got rid of and tells the bone marrow to increase its production of macrophages. These macrophages are a type of white blood cells that are every day responsible for destroying bacteria, viruses and even cancer cells. The blood usually contains 5% macrophages, but after a treatment, this quadruples to 22% and remains at that level for the next few days. This significant immune boost attacks most foreign bodies in the blood and can be powerful intervention to tackle an illness. 

The third treatment I tried, at the same time as the others, was PEMF; this is non-invasive, safe and can be used with other treatments with no risk of toxicity. There are quite a number of animal studies and some studies with people but more work is needed (iii). PEMF uses pulsed electromagnetic fields which are delivered to the body with the aim to increase energy in the cells (iv). I sat on a plastic circular cable that gave out pulsed, almost mini-electric shocks, that were not uncomfortable - but not pleasurable! 

I will no doubt return to some of these treatments in this blog if I pursue them. One Wigwam colleague is already a regular user and her initial experience has been very positive, but as we’ve said before one persons’ experience should not be what we base our choices on!

You can read more from Jan about hydrogen and PEMF at: http://rejuvanology.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/REJUVENATE-YOUR-CELL1.pdf

Jan's number is 0784 890580 and you can contact Fiona who set up the treatment sessions in Bristol on info(at)natureworx.com


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  1. Jan is an amazing man. He also cured my incurable Central Core Disease (a form of musculary dystrophy) and got me walking again with some of his treatments mentioned above.


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